Product Feedback Platform

Transform customer feedbacks on your product into a roadmap with Crumble

Transform customer insights into innovation.

Crafting the perfect product begins with the voices of those who matter most – your customers. Crumble ensures every piece of feedback is heard and translated into innovation and meaningful actions.

Uncover the journey of product feedback

Collecting customer feedback can show you care for them. But building your roadmap based on that feedback skyrockets your business. Discover how.

Streamline product feedback & feature requests

Crumble collects feedback, feature requests, product upvotes and bug reports through emails, customer support systems & social media.
capture feedback with crumble

Channel your energy where it matters most

No more piled-up feedback. Crumble categorizes all the feedback and prioritizes where your focus and energy need to be.
organize feedback with crumble

Turn the insight into action

Create a product roadmap that resonates with your clients’ needs. Gain a competitive edge by offering relevant and innovative products faster.
develop roadmap with crumble

Announce product updates and launches

Communicate your updates to your customers, fostering trust and transparency.
announce users with crumble’s changelog

Build what matters to your customers

Boost efficiency with Crumble's Product Feedback Software. Integrate our embeddable widget for a professional and unified brand experience and centralize feedback from sources like HubSpot and Zendesk, simplifying your management process.

Enhance UX with Embeddable Widget

Crumble’s embeddable widget fits in perfectly within your product, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.
crumble’s embeddable widget feature for websites

Your brand, all around

Tailor Crumble's platform to match your brand identity with our White Label feature. Personalize the look and feel, reinforcing your brand's uniqueness and professionalism to your users.
crumble's white label feature for brands

Crumble runs the errands, you run the business

Simplify your feedback management by consolidating data from sources like HubSpot and Zendesk into one platform. Our unified system streamlines your workflow and keeps feedback aligned with your product environment.
Crumble’s zendesk and hubspot integration

Explore Crumble’s product feedback tool

Transform your customer feedback process with our powerful tools and robust features. Seamlessly integrate our platform, boost user engagement, and drive product development. From collecting feedback to planning roadmaps, revolutionize your approach to customer insights now!
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3rd Party Integrations

Easily import feedback from various sources with our versatile third-party integration capabilities.
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SSO (Single Sign-On)

Streamline user access with Single Sign-On, providing a secure and efficient login experience.
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Keep your users informed about the latest updates and enhancements with a detailed and accessible changelog.
user interactions feature in crumble

User Interactions

Encourage community engagement by enabling users to comment and discuss feedback directly on the platform.
mention-someone feature in crumble

@ Mention Someone

Enhance collaboration and prompt specific attention by mentioning team members or users in discussions with our '@' mention feature.
custom domain feature in crumble

Custom Domain & White Label

Host our platform on your chosen domain with your branding, enhancing brand presence and customer trust.

Your Journey to Seamless Roadmapping Begins Here

All the tools you need to get your own Roadmap started.


Simple & robust solution for feedback management and communication.
White Label Branding
Private & Public Boards
Embeddable Widget
Unlimited End Users
User Comments & Product Updates
Custom Domain & Custom Email Domain
Simple & robust solution for feedback management and communication.
White Label Branding
Private & Public Boards
Embeddable Widget
Unlimited End Users
User Comments & Product Updates
Custom Domain & Custom Email Domain
Simple & robust solution for feedback management and communication.
White Label Branding
Private & Public Boards
Embeddable Widget
Unlimited End Users
User Comments & Product Updates
Custom Domain & Custom Email Domain

Enterprise Plan

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FAQ about Crumble's Product Feedback Solution

Discover how Crumble's product feedback tools can elevate your customer engagement and streamline your feedback management process.
What is a product feedback platform?

A product feedback platform is a digital tool designed to collect, organize, and analyze feedback from users about a specific product. It enables businesses to gather valuable insights directly from their customers or users regarding their experiences, preferences, and suggestions for improvement. This platform facilitates an open channel of communication between the product developers and the end-users, making it easier to identify areas for enhancement and innovation.

How does a product feedback platform work?

Product feedback platforms work by allowing users to submit feedback through various means such as in-app widgets, emails, or web forms. This feedback is then collected and organized within the platform, where it can be categorized, tagged, and prioritized. Businesses can analyze this data to identify common trends, user needs, and potential areas for product improvement. The platform may also offer tools for creating roadmaps and sharing updates, which helps in aligning product development with user expectations.

What is a feedback board? Can I create one for my product?

A feedback board is an interactive tool within a product feedback platform where users can post, view, and vote on feedback items. It serves as a public forum for gathering and discussing user suggestions and issues. Yes, you can create a feedback board for your product using a product feedback platform. This board can be customized to match your product's specific feedback collection needs, allowing users to actively participate in the development process by submitting and discussing their ideas and concerns.

How can I set up a customer feedback management 
system for my product?

Setting up a customer feedback management system involves several key steps. First, choose a suitable product feedback platform that aligns with your product’s needs and user base. Configure the platform to collect feedback through various channels like your website, mobile app, or social media. Establish a process for regularly reviewing feedback, categorizing it, and prioritizing action items. Engage with your users by responding to their feedback and updating them about changes or improvements made based on their suggestions. Finally, integrate this system into your product development cycle to ensure that user feedback directly informs your roadmap and decision-making.

What are the advantages of using a product feedback platform?

Using a product feedback platform offers several advantages. It provides a structured way to collect and organize user feedback, which is essential for understanding customer needs and preferences. This platform enhances customer engagement by showing users that their opinions are valued and considered in product development. It helps in prioritizing product features and improvements based on actual user input, leading to more user-centric and successful products. Additionally, it can streamline the feedback management process, save time, and provide actionable insights that drive strategic decisions.

Can SaaS platforms benefit from Crumble's product feedback system?

Absolutely, SaaS platforms can significantly benefit from Crumble’s product feedback system. It offers a direct line of communication with users, essential for the iterative and user-focused nature of SaaS products. The system can help in gathering real-time feedback, which is crucial for SaaS platforms that often require frequent updates and improvements. By integrating Crumble’s system, SaaS companies can make data-driven decisions, enhance user satisfaction, and ultimately improve retention and growth.

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